Dog photography + marriage proposal = YES!

December 21, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Several weeks ago, I got a message asking for my help with a very special project.  John wanted to surprise his girlfriend Allyson with a custom album of photos of her dog, Barksdale!  He wanted the book to be called "Why We Love Barksdale" and gave me a list of all of the reasons they do.  Over the course of a couple days, while Allyson was at work, we took Barksdale out and posed her in photos to go along with every reason on the list.  It was clear to me that John loved Barksdale just as much as his own dog, and he loved Allyson, too.  

But the best part?  On the very last page of the book, John proposed with Barksdale by his side!   It was so much fun putting the book together knowing how surprised Allyson would be.  He gave the book to her last night… and she said YES! So a huge congratulations to John & Allyson today!  And I think this proves the quickest way to a woman’s heart is through her dog!  


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